Posted by: Academy of Achievement | 02/28/2010

Maura Sullivan

Maura Sullivan, Class of 2009
Kennedy Fellow
Harvard Business School and Kennedy School of Government

Following the 2009 Summit in South Africa, I started my new position working at PepsiCola as a Senior Franchise Development Manager. Below is a very exciting opportunity that Pepsi is offering.

In 2010, Pepsi is giving away $20 million to fund YOUR ideas that move the world forward. Watch and learn more here:

* Throughout 2010, Pepsi will devote its attention and resources to helping move peoples’ ideas forward. People across the country have ideas that can make our communities a better place and Pepsi will be the catalyst to bring those ideas to life.

Pepsi Refresh Grant recipients will be selected through a democratic process. The public will vote online for the ideas they want to see taken from concept to reality.

The Pepsi Refresh Project will be a catalyst for: Ideas that make us think; Ideas that inspire us; Ideas that ignite participation; Ideas that make good things better; Ideas that improve situations; Ideas that refresh… Pepsi has been at the center of great cultural shifts for many generations. The Pepsi Refresh Project represents a shift towards a culture of participation, spurred on by the belief in and resiliency of the actions of people and their ideas.

Learn more, and apply for a Pepsi Refresh Grant today at

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