Posted by: Academy of Achievement | 03/08/2010

Wes Moore

Wes Moore, Class of 2004

White House Fellow, Department of State

In late April of 2010, Random House will publish my first book, entitled “The Other Wes Moore.”

In December of 2000. The Baltimore Sun ran a feature article about me, Wes Moore, a university student, who, despite a troubled childhood, received one of the most prestigious academic awards in the world — The Rhodes Scholarship. That same year, The Baltimore Sun logged more than 200 articles about four young men who were arrested for the murder of an off-duty Baltimore police officer during a botched armed robbery. The latter story was disturbing for many reasons, but for me, there was something hauntingly personal about it: One of the young criminals was just two years my senior, hailed from the same neighborhood, and in an uncanny and eerie turn, was also named Wes Moore.

Two boys from Baltimore with similar histories and an identical name.  Through support and guidance, I escaped challenges and have lived what some have called a blessed life.  The other will spend each day until his death behind bars.  The chilling truth is that my story could have been his.  The tragedy is that his story could have been mine.  Later, as I pursued my career in the military, in the banking world, and in the White House, I would often think about the other Wes Moore.  Years ago, I reached out to him and began visiting him, and learning his story. It was while visiting Wes in prison that the concept for this book crystallized.

Thus far, the book has received significant media interest and Random House has announced this book will be one of its lead titles this year.  I look forward to staying in touch with all of you.

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