Over the past 49 years the Academy of Achievement has hosted thousands of young people who are doing great work around the world.  This page is a way for the Academy Alumni to share what they are working on and build a strong network amongst one another.  Whether you are building schools in the Sudan, working at the Supreme Court, exploring cancer research or teaching at a charter school this is a community to share your accomplishment and stories of the amazing things Academy of Achievement student delegates do every day.

Please post information about where you are and what you are doing with stories, articles and photos of your experiences.   We hope that this will be a great resource for all members to make new connections and re-connect with their colleagues.


  1. Well, I can think of a couple of things I’ve done since I received a Golden Scroll in 1978. For one, I helped the first Maasai student attend Stanford University. I got my English degree from Stanford in 1985, and some years later I met and befriended a real Maasai, Kimeli Nyomah, by telephoning the Kenyan embassy in Washington, D.C. Kimeli was pursuing the pre-med program at University of Oregon and hoping to go to an American med school. It so happened that one of my old professors at Stanford had moved to the admissions department, and I was able to hook up these two so that Kimeli finished his bachelor degree at Stanford. I do not know where Kimeli is now, but doubtless it helped his chances of getting into med school to have the Stanford name on his bachelor degree.
    I also find that when I listen to public affairs shows on the radio simply as a listener, I can make a guest suggestion of someone I might want to hear, and they use my suggestions. For example, I listen to a show here in L.A. called “Open Line” that features guests talking about their jobs whose jobs benefit the community, such as California Highway Patrol, homeless outreach, and others. I got the idea I’d like to hear an LAPD helicopter pilot on the show, so I tracked down who the show would have to call to try to arrange it, and made the suggestion to the show with the contact info (again, I have no official connection to the show, I just listen). A few weeks later, their guest was…an LAPD helicopter pilot, so I was able to listen, learn, and call in with a question. Gratifying.
    A few years ago, I called the Academy and suggested to Maggie Jones that they honor Howard Stern and Michael Stipe. Did you ever do anything with that, Maggie?

  2. I am glad I found this site. I was a student delegate in 1976 and the Golden Plate weekend was a phenomenal motivation: meeting Roger Staubach, Jack LaLane, Jonas Salk, going to Sea World with Miss Teen America, dancing with Cloris Leachman, having lunch with Col. Sanders, etc. I’ve since worked in the Air Force on the GPS system, Northrop Grumman on the Stealth Bomber, and helped launch a medical device company. Would like to connect with others from 1976 if you’re out there.

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