Posted by: Academy of Achievement | 06/17/2013

et_PeterBio-1Peter Bisanz, Class of 2010
Catherine B. Reynolds Foundation Fellow, World Economic Forum

Thanks to the Catherine B. Reynolds Foundation Fellowship for Social Entrepreneurship, and the Center for Public Leadership, Peter Bisanz earned his Master’s of Public Administration from the Harvard Kennedy School in 2009.

While studying at the Kennedy School, he completed a feature length documentary on the shared values of the world’s religions, Beyond Our Differences (  He has sold this film to PBS and created a pilot educational program to support its release.

As an extension of this work, he carried out an independent study project with David Gergen at the Kennedy School, analyzing and interpreting U.S. foreign policy in the Muslim world over the last 30 years, and its potential ramifications for the future.

He is now at work on a second documentary, Islam and the West: Creating Peace in Our Time.  The film will provide a platform for leading Islamic and Western voices to explore this complex relationship and promote a new spirit of understanding (  To date, he has filmed over 50 interviews for this film, with key leaders from all over the world.

During his time at the Center for Public Leadership Bisaz remained active as one of the World Economic Forum’s Young Global Leaders, and continued his Participation in the Forum’s Global Agenda Councils.  In 2009 he was a member of the Global Agenda Council on Faith, and after graduation became a member of the Global Agenda Council on Values — where he created a series of films on Values in Business (

Linked to his work with the Forum and the Kennedy School, after graduation he helped the Women and Public Policy Program create a film on the business case for closing the gender gaps (

In 2012, he was invited to join the World Economic Forum and the Global Agenda Council as an Associate Director for Outreach and Communications.  He has produced the Survey on the Global Agenda (, and Global Agenda Outlook (, released at Davos in 2013.

He has since taken charge of the Communications Team for the Risk Response Network within the Forum and the launch of one of the Forum’s flagship reports (, also released at the 2012 meeting in Davos.


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