Posted by: Academy of Achievement | 05/30/2013

Barnes2_HarvardJamaal Barnes, Class of 2011
Catherine B. Reynolds Foundation Fellow, Assistant Director of Admissions, Harvard Graduate School of Education

It has been nearly two years since my time as a Catherine B. Reynolds Foundation Fellow at Harvard Kennedy School’s Center for Public Leadership. My time as a fellow was a life-enhancing experience and provided me with an opportunity to enlarge my network of friends and thought-partners.

After graduating as a Fellow with an Ed.M. in Prevention Science from Harvard, I continued my work with the eastern Massachusetts-based youth development nonprofit Crossroads for Kids. There, I provided strategic consulting in the development of scalable assessment and evaluation strategies for the Boston-based team, as well as for teams in Austin, Atlanta, and Los Angeles.

Following my passion for access and equity in education, I made the transition to graduate school enrollment in 2012. I currently serve as an Assistant Director of Admissions and Manager of Multicultural Recruitment at the Harvard Graduate School of Education, and as a Proctor of Harvard College.

In my personal time, I proudly support the work of the Maryland-based nonprofit Touchstones Discussion Project, as a member of its board of trustees, and the Coca-Cola Scholars Foundation, as a member of its Alumni Advisory Board.

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