Posted by: Academy of Achievement | 03/11/2013


Matthew E. Hanson, Ph.D.,
Class of 1976
Vice President of Business Development, Integrated Medical Systems, Inc.

“I am glad I found this site. I was a student delegate in 1976 and the Golden Plate weekend was a phenomenal motivation: meeting Roger Staubach, Jack LaLanne, Jonas Salk, going to Sea World with Miss Teen America, dancing with Cloris Leachman, having lunch with Col. Sanders, etc. I’ve since worked in the Air Force on the GPS system, Northrop Grumman on the Stealth Bomber, and helped launch a medical device company. I would like to connect with others from 1976 if you’re out there.”

Matt is a corporate executive armed with a doctorate in engineering, an MBA, and military and corporate leadership experience. He helped create, build and launch profitable, distinctive, game-changing solutions in billion-dollar organizations and a high tech small business, including the GPS navigation system, the Stealth Bomber, and advanced medical technology for the White House. With a unique convergence of multi-industry technology transfer, product development, business development, marketing, program management and just plain “people skills”, he creates, inspires and leads teams to launch their own next-generation lucrative award-winning game-changers.

Matt is currently Vice President of Business Development for Integrated Medical Systems, Inc., responsible for marketing and sales, legislative affairs, and investor development. He has led the Company’s efforts to expand international sales, adding distributors in Scandinavia, Asia, Europe and the Middle East. He develops the annual federal, state and local legislative strategy. Matt is also responsible for developing and coordinating clinical evaluations by customers.

Matt’s background, both while in the Air Force and in industry, has spanned engineering, management and business development. Immediately prior to joining Northrop Grumman’s “intrapreneurial” Biomedical Group, Matt was Manager, Advanced Technology in the Washington D.C. Offices of the Northrop Grumman Corporation.

Prior to joining the Northrop Grumman Corporation as a Project Engineer on the B-2 Stealth Bomber program, Matt was Executive Officer for the $2B international Global Positioning System (GPS) Joint Program Office. He retired from the Air Force Reserves at the rank of Lieutenant Colonel.

His academic background includes a doctorate in aerospace engineering from the University of Southern California as a Northrop Grumman Fellow; as well as an MBA from Chapman University.

He was recognized by the Academy of Achievement as a “Young Leader of Tomorrow”.

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