Posted by: Academy of Achievement | 02/04/2012

Audri Mukhopadhyay, Class of 2002
Consul General of Canada, Ho Chi Minh City,
Socialist Republic of Vietnam

From the perspective of a student delegate, the 2002 International Achievement Summit in Dublin was a memorable experience. Outside of the formal sessions, world leaders graciously engaged in banter with graduate students, creating an enjoyable and humorous atmosphere.

Audri Mukhopadhyay is the Consul General of Canada in Ho Chi Minh City, Socialist Republic of Vietnam. Previously, Audri was Director of South Asia, Southeast Asia and Oceania Commercial Relations at Canada’s Department of Foreign Affairs and International Trade (DFAIT). He has also served as DFAIT’s Director of Strategic Initiatives. Prior to joining DFAIT, Audri served as the Canadian government’s representative to ICANN, the international organization responsible for critical Internet infrastructure. Audri has also worked with the Canadian Department of Finance and in the private sector in Silicon Valley.

A Rhodes Scholar, Audri earned two degrees from Oxford University: an MBA and an M.Phil. in Economics. He also holds a B.A. in Economics from Dalhousie University. Audri has received the Award of Excellence from Public Service of Canada.

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