Posted by: Academy of Achievement | 01/20/2012

Wendi Adelson, J.D. M.Phil., Class of 2002
Florida State University College of Law

Ten years later, I still have vibrant and fantastic memories of the 2002 International Achievement Summit in Dublin. After that incredible experience, I completed an M.Phil. degree in International Relations at the University of Cambridge on a Gates Cambridge Scholarship. I had the opportunity during my studies to work in Uganda on issues impacting asylum seekers and refugees. Fueled by my interest in human migration, I pursued a law degree to become an effective advocate for immigrants in the United States. After law school I worked as a staff attorney at the Children and Youth Law Clinic at the University of Miami School of Law, creating the State of Florida’s manual for representing unaccompanied immigrant children in juvenile and immigration court. For the following four years, I directed a Human Rights and Immigration Law Project at Florida State University College of Law, taught courses at the law school, and represented asylum seekers, immigrant victims of violent crimes, and victims of human trafficking.

After listening to my clients’ stories of abuse and triumph, immobility and moving on, I decided to write a novel about their experiences with human trafficking to share their stories with a larger audience. In 2011, I published This is Our Story. Below is some more information about the book.

See: This Is Our Story on Amazon.

See: This is Our Story on YouTube.

Currently, I am a clinical professor at Florida State College of Law where I direct a Medical Legal Partnership that equips law students with the skills to become effective advocates for the impoverished while securing access to disability benefits and immigration status for patients at a local neighborhood health clinic. In my free time, I try to keep up with my one and two year old sons, Benjamin and Lincoln Jonah. As far away as Dublin and sharing a toast with James Earl Jones feels at the moment, my gratitude to the Reynolds family endures, for making that incredible experience possible.

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