Posted by: Academy of Achievement | 09/23/2011

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Rye Barcott, Class of 2008
Catherine B. Reynolds Foundation Fellow,
Harvard University

Rye Barcott participated in the summer 2008 Academy of Achievement in Hawai’i. Highlights of that extraordinary experience included breakfast with the late, great writer Frank McCourt and hitting the dance floor with Archbishop Desmond Tutu. Rye went on to complete his dual degree at Harvard Kennedy School and Harvard Business School, thanks in no small part to the Reynolds Foundation.  He then chased his long-time dream to complete a book that he had been working on since 2002.

That book, It Happened on the Way to War, recently released globally by Bloomsbury
Publishing, tells the story of two forms of service that may strike some as contradictory. View the book’s trailer (produced by Beth-Ann Kutchma and her husband J, who wrote the song “Arms Around the World”) below.  Proceeds from the book go to Carolina for Kibera, the non-profit Rye co-founded ten years ago to prevent violence and spark change from within one of the world’s largest slums.
Additionally, thanks to their introduction at the Academy of Achievement, Archbishop Tutu offered these words about the book: “A tremendous story of the power of friendship, love, and the transforming grace of God.”

It Happened on the Way to War from Center for Global Initiatives on Vimeo.

*photo courtesy of Beth-Ann Kutchma

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